Mondays Suck. Or do they?

Oh Mondays, you have the most glorious way of trying to ruin a perfectly good week merely by existing. However, should we really be blaming a day of the week?

I think we hate Mondays because we have to work on them. If the world had Sunday and Monday off, we’d probably hate Tuesdays.  If we had Friday and Saturday off we’d probably hate Sunday.

Then again, Sunday’s the Sabbath and we’re supposed to rest.  But!!!  That would be mixing church and state and we’re not supposed to do that anyway.

Is it just because we had two days off and now we have to set our alarms and do the stand up adulty thing? Probably. Most people don’t like to put on their big boy / girl pants and deal with it. Which I  think is everyday.

In all fairness and honesty, by the time we get done grumbling and complaining about it to anyone who’swithin earshot,  the work day is almost over.






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