In the beginning, there was girl who was not honest.  Honest with herself, her family or her friends.  She hid behind the lies and facade of someone or something else in hopes of just feeling special.

She hid behind drugs.  She hid behind alcohol.  She hid behind sarcasm and anger.

Then one day, slowly, things started to change.  A change happened within and expanded all around like the flame of a candle that turned into a roaring bonfire.


She realized that she could say no.  She realized that she could say yes.  She realized that it did not matter what those around her thought of her.  She knew she had a role in the world and did not see the need to prove herself.

With this newfound power, she slowly gained confidence.  She became more powerful both intellectually and emotionally.  She saw right from wrong.  She spoke out with less anger and with more passion.

She is just starting her new found world.  This is just the beginning.


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Boots on a Soapbox

We all have those moments. Let's celebrate and embrace the crazy!

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